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NoraNeko: Why date one when you can order a russian bride online? they are cheap too.like everything in russia.

DegisikAdam: I don't like Canadians neither men nor women. All judged by these videos they seem to be pretentious pricks.

Cav Ratiug: This was straight up disgusting.

MrLoomis42: Not Jamaican men they called Niggas

Gaby BerrГіn: I think many of those things are simply west european. Just the thing with sounding romantic in my language doesn't apply to me as a native German speaker :D


Tinanda Rose: It is well known men like long legs. poor me!

Deadspider23: Sweet potatoes are the best.

Emilia F: Arent they all ladyboyz?

Ella Pap: No pussywhipped men like America

Biche Tordue: This is just an Arab guy!

Aisha Omer: Polish girl was terrible :''(

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  • Search pictures and profiles of Latino Singles near you right now. Discover how...
  • This is a list of Latin proverbs and sayings.
  • Anthony Lodge; Latinum cedens:
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Bugra Emek: And yeah, we are close to germany and we share a language, BUT: ist like USA and GB something whole different

Yesenia Lopez: I always go to my Russian girl wearing an ushanka , an Adidas track suit with a bottle of vodka , a hammer , a sickle and a Kalashnikov.

Julio Cezar: Ugh I wish I had a colombian girlfriend or wife but they only like wealthy guys

Dillon Voisin: Awesome work x Thank you so much for these videos x)

Winistan: Sooo true! I'm western european and I have eastern european friends, I can't help but to agree to everything you said!

RLR PLP: Sounds like turkish dating also.

Yaron Amitai: Perfect russian wife

Dead Shot: I hate how she said shes german while shes obviously polish, since you can see in other videos she knows like prononciation and word meanings and shit. another pole who went to live somewhere else and forgot where their roots are. ;/

ECO Dom: Do Puerto Rican plz plz plz

Rep 123: Late partying? pfft only 10 here.10am of the next day okay how are we still awake

Fajr Maldita: Where the fuck is slovakian

Mal Gal: So basically they are uptight nutjobs thanks for the warning. i gues i'll just stick to skiing then when i visit it.

Luna Viu Kard: Ps no homo

Nerdysaurus: Filipinos are often late too. We call it Filipino time (late).

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Cedens latino dating

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You see, we're glorified amongst all the swiping, dating, flaking, lest all amongst the backstage laudatory shit that comes bar takeout dating. in uk · neonowe...