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As we march towards the new financial year, we are also approaching some major financial changes that will be effective from April 1, While...

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Log In Don't have an account? For the record, women found guys showing emotions of pride the most sexually attractive. Sign Up Forgot your password? How GST will impact you? Lead with both your head and your heart. But hopefully, they will remind us all that the world can always use a little bit more love, tolerance, compassion, and understanding.

Your profile photo says a lot about who you are. Thankfully, there are plenty of suggestions from studies and photographers on how you can make a more presentable profile pic for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other network. The zeroeth rule, the one thing that every photographer, study, and survey agree on, is that the profile picture is all about your face. Make sure your face fills the frame, and make sure it looks like you do in real life.

We show you how with a selfie, a skull, and Photoshop. Read More , the face is what matters. How much of your face and body should show? Buffer says head-to-shoulders is the ideal length , but you can go head-to-torso if you want. Veteran photographer Peter Hurley says a good profile photo is all about the eyes and the jaw.

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I used to recommend this type of picture, but not anymore. There is little doubt that great leaders communicate persuasively. More importantly, the survey notes that profile photos with no smile were judged as less competent, likeable, and influential people, than average. The photos we usually feature on Bored Panda can be cute, beautiful, funny, or enchanting, but these are powerful and meaningful pictures.

See your projects through to completion unless you have a compelling reason not to. RobHulme 4 years ago The grave of the Catholic woman and Protestant man! How can religion do this?

20 Effective Reflection Photos

Becoming a successful leader requires more than just hard work. Truly outstanding leaders cause their passions and enthusiasm to set a charge into their organizations.

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Effective pics

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We should warn our readers that some of these pictures may upset them, while others may fill them with joy. But that's precisely because these images reflect. Want to spice up...