Dia internacional do homem heterosexual definition - NORMCORE is not what you think – even less what you wear

The title of my article refers to one of the various hashtags that circulated [in Portuguese] on Twitter , in Brazil, reacting to the...

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Back in time people were born as part of a community, and they had to search for their individuality - today, people are born as individuals, and have to find their community.

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Nevertheless, this notion is complicated in conceptual terms. Presentation The title of this article refers to one of the various hashtags that circulated on Twitter in Brazil in reaction to the disappearance and death of two Argentine tourists in Ecuador in early The responses to the assassination of the Argentine tourists in Ecuador took place in this context of political effervescence and unprecedented expansion of feminist manifestations.

The reaction to these assassinations in Brazil is unusual, considering that during the decade of , murders and or rapes of tourists reported in the media have not provoked similar responses. For Spivak, it was necessary to oppose both essentialist and universalist discourses. December 16, Trend: According to Ferreira, in this period, the Internet has had a central role in the articulation of people and in the translation of feminist terms, ideas and struggles.


New technologies and the innovators behind them reframe processes, showing how democracy is maturing and reaching new people in a deep and complex way. This is the GAME. According to Whisnant, the more radical readings affirm that rape should be understood as an important pillar of the patriarchy, linked to patriarchal constructions of gender and sexuality, in the context of broader systems of male power.

And prostitution, rape and pornography are the sharpest expressions of this institutionalization and of the institution of gender it realizes. So, Nico is a nice young man, creative and independent, and has an eyebrow comb on the pocket.

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O Plano Nacional de Desenvolvimento Sanitário (PNDS), .. Projecto Formação inicial dos recursos humanos em saúde. A transmissão do VIH é predominantemente heterossexual com 79,2% dos casos notificados. Até...