Accommodatingly definition of irony - Studying Irony Detection Beyond Ironic Criticism: Let's Include Ironic Praise

Randall; The Importance of Being Ironic: This essay applies a narrative perspective to the topic of resilience.

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Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. Need even more definitions? For example, there is a statement asking whether the protagonists behave like a typical male or female according to his or her gender provided for every scenario.

Capel New York, ; G. Methods Participants Participants were recruited via university mailing lists, social platforms, and leaflets. Neither Socrates nor his contemporaries, however, would have associated the word eironeia with modern conceptions of Socratic irony.

Resilience and Irony
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Irony may be defined as the conflict of two meanings which has a dramatic structure peculiar to itself: The most regularly used fields are: The variable factors here are the conception of actuality, the degree to which author and audience sympathize or identify with the victim, and the throw of the dice of the victim— ascendancy or defeat.

Reality may be thought of alongside author and or listeners as reflecting their own values. In this setting, satiric irony reveals the defeat of an unsympa- thetic victim; comic irony reveals the triumph of a sympathetic victim.

Everyplace this article, the suggestion comic refers primarily to a rise from end to triumph, as in Dante's Divine Comedy. At the other pole, fact may be thought of as hostile to all human values.

In that context, triumph is unimaginable, defeat inevitable. In forlorn irony, sympathy for the victim predominates; in nihilistic irony, satiric detachment counterbalances or dominates sympathy, but a degree of classification always remains since litt�rateur and audience necessarily the victim's plight. Problematic irony balances these two extremes.

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Generally speaking, these were the limits of the field during the following cen- turies. As an attitude toward life, paradoxical irony has been both praised and attacked. Becker and Newsom have found, for instance, that African Americans who remain resilient in the face of chronic illness tend to view their situation against the backdrop of oppression and discrimination experienced by African Americans in general.

Furthermore, our findings substantiate the assumption that ironic praise is useful beyond ironic criticism: Cronbach's alpha was 0. Irony has continued to appear in fields of observation outside literature. Myth in English Literature:

Studies of irony detection have commonly used ironic criticisms i. Another basic type of verbal irony, ironic praise i.

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