Short asian woman - 10 Cute Short Hairstyles For Asian Women

Many Asian women believe that short haircuts might not make them as beautiful and glamorous as long manes. However, not all...

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While some women might not like the boyish look short shags bring, others will look just amazing sporting it. Take a peak at this wonderful shag, which will make your image wild and sexy. The best part is — almost no maintenance needed. Asian women often have black hair. However, lighter shades look amazing with their dark eyes.

In order not to overdo the color change, choose softer brown colors to make your short hairstyle even more fashionable. Asian girls are often lucky to sport thick and straight hair which is perfect for blunt bangs. While such fringe requires daily maintenance for women with wavy hair, Asians can easily wear it without any hassle. Getting a stylish and asymmetrical haircut is not easy. Such bob will need some serious hairstylist attention, but the result will truly be stunning.

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If your face shape, hair type and time restrictions tell you to get a short hairstyle, you should view it as an amazing opportunity. Asian girls often have round face shapes, which means they will need a hairstyle to elongate it. Girls with heart shaped faces will appreciate this bright and simple elongated bob.


Asian women often have black hair. This hairstyle is pretty simple, keeping all sides and the back of your neck at the same length, while creating a parting straight down the middle.

As one of the popular hairstyles for , the boyish cut leaves nothing to the imagination. Many Asian women believe that short haircuts might not make them as beautiful and glamorous as long manes.

You absolutely deserve it! One of the tricks is eye-covering bangs. This messy hairstyle is easy to maintain and will give you a young and spunky look.

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