Drill powered water pump with garden hose hookup - Drill Pumps

Just hook a garden hose to the inlet and outlet, fire up your power drill and let this powerful water pump do the work....

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Ideal for transferring light liquids such as fresh water, sea water, oil, dilute organic s Attach standard garden hoses to the inlet and outlet, tighten the drive shaft in the chuck of your power drill, then let this versatile pump do the rest of the work. Hand drill and water output It is portable, and can be used indoors or outdoors. Maximum height for pump above liquid to be pumped Pond tank water Pumping. The pump would handle the fluid but there is a risk of sparks from the drill motor even on air drills so should not be used.

Made of strong ABS plastic.

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This utility pump is designed to be used with electric hand drills. Maximum height for pump above liquid to be pumped Mount and start dil. This pump is ideal for emptying clogged sinks, overflowing washing machines, emp Made of fine quality material, has a long service life.

The maximum capacity is 1, liters gallons per hour.

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